UPM Raflatac Introduces New Security Labelling Solutions

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UPM-RaflatacUPM Raflatac, the Finnish security labelling producer, will be present next week at SDW (Security Document Word) on 26-28 June 2017 in London. While companies worldwide lose the equivalent of hundreds of billions of euros each year to goods that are counterfeit, interfered with, or diverted in the supply chain, security labelling produces an efficient and versatile response to threats against brand image and consumer safety.

“Now we will introduce our new Raflasec Security range with long-term supply stability at SDW. We are also continuously developing new security labelling solutions to our customers and brand owners” says Thomas Treichel, Segment Manager, Security, Postal, UPM Raflatac.

UPM Raflatac’s new Raflasec Security range includes:

  • Raflasec Holo Security, a holographic material that can be combined with security cuts so that the label breaks when tampered with.
  • Raflasec Fibres, a label material that contains both visible and invisible fibers to allow authentication under UV light. The material has a chemical sensitization feature, meaning it changes color if removal with chemicals is attempted.
  • Raflasec Seal, a label material that tears easily and offers low investment costs with high printability and opacity.
  • Raflasec Chameleon, an innovative material that changes color when removed and cannot be reapplied.

Our change management guarantee for Raflasec Security range promises a full 30-month window for any requalification requirements, with a two-year shelf life from the date of manufacture and six months’ notice of any future change,” explains Thomas Treichel. “All the products in the range are fully backed up by our global supply chain, world-class expertise, and comprehensive customer support – bringing even greater peace of mind to security labeling.” <