Report on Global Banknote Market 2015

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logo-Market-Reports-OnlineThe production and distribution of new banknotes and destruction of the unfit banknotes is the responsibility of the central bank of the respective countries. The demand for banknotes and substrate is fulfilled by state print works (SPW), state paper mills (SPM) and handful number of commercial print and paper manufacturers. SPWs and SPMs can also turn in to commercial providers to cater the unmet demand for banknotes.

The demand for banknotes will continue to grow globally with varied demand growth across different countries as per their economic conditions. Despite the increase in usage of electronic mode of payment, demand for holding cash remains strong. During the period of financial crisis, cash appear to be the only reliable source and the demand for cash at that point of time rises sharply due to the faith of people in real currency. 

The central banks, governments and commercial organizations depend on currency manufacturers and their products to deliver security and confidence to combat counterfeiting and illicit trade of banknotes. Hence, with latest banknote technology there lies a bright future for cash.

The key trends observed in the banknote market include adoption of polymer banknotes, change in behavior of customers and color changing, as a dominant security feature in banknotes. But there are certain challenges too which include counterfeiting & security issues, overcapacity leading to pricing pressure and rise of digital or cashless payment among others. 

The banknote industry comprises few large players such as De La Rue, Geisecke & Devrient (G&D) and Fortress Paper. All these companies have been profiled in the present report highlighting their key financials and business strategies for growth.

"Banknote Market » report, september 2015, 62 pages, profiling 3 companies and supported with 16 tables and 45 charts.