Conference : “Looking at banknotes through the eyes of counterfeiters”

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Banque de France’s Counterfeit Research Center (CRC) was founded in 1987 and will celebrate this year its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, CRC organized a special event to be held in Paris – Banque de France’s Head Office – from October 30th to 31st 2017.

Based on the CRC’s expertise in counterfeits analysis and full-scale counterfeiting trials, the conference entitled “Looking at banknotes through the eyes of counterfeiters” will approach the counterfeiting subject from historical, contemporary, sociological and technical perspectives. It will be illustrated with live counterfeiting demonstrations and will be preceded by a forum of exhibitions and posters, in the hope of fostering interactivity and exchange among the participants.

The planned attendance to this celebrative event is up to 100 representatives from worldwide central banks, governmental organizations and law enforcement agencies. <