Mobile Authentication Taskforce to Unveil ZenKey at MWC Los Angeles

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The Mobile Authentication Taskforce, comprised of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, will announce the next phase of the ZenKey™ mobile authentication platform at Mobile World Congress (MCW) Los Angeles later in October. ZenKey represents an innovative collaboration between the four U.S. mobile carriers to connect mobile subscribers to service providers by providing easier and highly secure registration, authentication and transaction authorization.

"Businesses and developers understand the perils of our connected lives and are seeking out next generation security solutions to help protect customers," said Johannes Jaskolski, general manager of the Cross-Carrier Identity Joint Venture. "We're very excited about the interest and response we have received from those communities so far. It is that collaboration with service providers that will allow us to continuously strengthen the ZenKey offering as we strive to provide effortless, enhanced trust to the digital economy and beyond."

New details about ZenKey will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress Americas (October 22-24, 2019) in Los Angeles and Money 2020 (October 27-30, 2019) in Las Vegas and development specifications will available to developers then. <

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