IN Groupe enters into exclusive negotiations for the potential acquisition of SURYS

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In a press realize published August 5, 2019, IN Group and Surys announced: Together they would form a leading player in France and worldwide, operating across the full spectrum of the identity market, as well as the track & trace and banking business, from security components to digital and biometric solutions.

IN Groupe (formerly known as Imprimerie Nationale), global specialist in identity and secured digital services, announces today it entered into exclusive negotiations with the shareholders of SURYS, global reference in the optical security solutions, with a leading market position on the market of securing identity documents, and state-of-the-art optical & digital authentication technologies provider, for its potential acquisition.

SURYS expertise in authenticating and protecting the document variable data, with know‐how in image analysis and fingerprinting algorithms, would complete IN Groupe global offer in the field of identity and services, especially in security components for identity documents and banking activities,biometric solutions, digital identity offering, and traceability of sensitive products.

On a broader level, this acquisition would consolidate the French identity industry for the benefit of the French identity papers and documents.

SURYS (over 400 employees across the globe) is currently owned by Hugues Souparis, its founder and majority shareholder, together with private equity funds Abénex andCathay Capital, and by its management.

Subject to usual regulatory conditions, including the information - consultation of the works councils (“comités social et économique”) of both groups,the transaction is expected to closely by the end of the second half of 2019.

About IN Groupe
A partner of the French government for close to 500 years, IN Groupe offers identity solutions and secure digital services, at the leading edge of technology and integrating electronics and biometrics. From components to services and from documents to interoperable systems, IN Groupe is a global specialist in identity and secure digital services. The institution plays a daily role in facilitating everyone's life: helping states exercise their sovereignty, citizens protect their identity and businesses preserve their integrity. Whatever the issue, IN Groupe, a company for digital sovereignty, contributes to asserting a fundamental right for everyone: the right to be you. IN Groupe is the new brand name for Groupe Imprimerie Nationale, which is owned by the French Republic, through the APE special agency (Agence des Participations de l’État).

Sales : 314,2 M€ (2018) - 1 000 employees - 4 facilities in France - 8 sales offices worldwide - 77 countries adopting IN Groupe solutions - 28 partner governments.

SURYS, formerly known as Hologram. Industries, is a French technology company providing anti-counterfeiting solutions essentially based on optical and digital sciences. SURYS offers solutions to ensure that identity documents, banknotes and fiduciary documents are easy to authenticate and hard to counterfeit, and provides a wide range of authentication and traceability solutions for brands and products. SURYS, from its headquarters based in Marne-la-Vallée, manages 2 production facilities in France and in the US, several R&D facilities in France and Germany and a specialized branch in automated verification of identity documents in the Netherlands. SURYS solutions have been adopted by over 130 countries (incl. Philippines banknotes, passports for France, Brazil and China), and by renowned major brands.

Sales: 92,8 M€ (2018) – 400 employees – Facilities in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States – Sales offices in Poland and Dubai – 130 countries adopting SURYS solutions and products.

About Abénex
Founded in 1992, Abénex is a historical player in the French private equity market, specialized in growth and buyout transactions both as a minority and majority shareholder. Independent for more than 10 years, Abénex is a long-term investor partnering with entrepreneurs and founding families, and involved in growth and operational optimization projects. Abénex is committed to the Management team’s success, providing them with a fully dedicated operational team to support their projects of transformation and external growth strategy. Abénex invests in SMEs valued up to €500m.